Monday, December 21, 2009

Can I Have Two Desserts?

Yesterday we rode the motorcycle out to the beach for a walk and to look for seaglass but P took an early exit towards the Tudor House , an old tea house in Santa Monica. It's been there (in different locations) since I was a child. Their house tea is Red Rose. I love that stuff.
It used to be that I'd always order a Caerphilly cheese sandwich and a scone for dessert. But now my horizons have broadened and I have had a spinach-cheese pie the last two times I've visited. It's gorgeous comfort food (even if they do microwave it).
For dessert, I am in love with their cream slice, which is one of the best Napoleons I've had outside of say Vienna or Budapest. And what they were out of, the chocolate mousse tart, I'll have to have (again) on my next excursion.
Two desserts, just like my mother taught me.

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