Thursday, April 7, 2011

For Merisi

This woman and her little blonde charge were our neighbors at Demel.  She was drawing glamorous figures in fancy gowns for the little girl to color in.  And ordering sweets.  I once had the best birthday ever the day my husband led me to Demel in the rain as a surprise.

Buchteln mit Vanillesauce

Merisi has the most beautiful and poetic blog about Vienna.  It makes me homesick.


Merisi said...

Thank you, Daisy,
I am blushing, you are very kind!

The same mother and child as in my "Joy" image,
the world is small, indeed! And to think I took mine a year or so ago.

Merisi said...

I saw them again last Sunday. ;-)

Daisy said...

That's so funny. Do you think they're mother and daughter? Or nanny and child? Were they drawing?