Friday, December 24, 2010


Every culture has its dumpling.  The Austrian version is the Knödel and it's mostly bread with eggs and onions and parsley, all boiled together into either a ball or a sausage-shape.  For our recent winter goose meal, I baked the bread that became the Knödel.  But the next few dinners were what I really looked forward to: Knödel leftovers or geröstete Knödel mit Ei (fried dumpling with scrambled egg).  You can improvise a lot with this by adding savory fried onions and/or cranberry sauce or apple sauce.  Or cheese sprinkled on top.  Or bacon if you are the vegetarian-who-eats-bacon.  Since it's really the same ingredients as French toast, maybe try some maple syrup.  I bet that would be good.  But I chuckled when I was having dinner #2 of this delicacy (and I don't use that word lightly) at the fact that we were having bread that had first been baked, then boiled, and now fried.
Leftover Dinner #1

Leftover Dinner #2

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