Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dreaming of Sweets (Vienna)

Sometimes I just wish...

Sperlschnitte from Café Sperl in Vienna
(I wish I had the recipe...)

Sacher Torte from Café Alt Wien in Vienna

Kremeschnitte from Demel in Vienna


Merisi said...

Would you believe that I talked to a very kind gentleman at Sperl over the phone a moment ago and he said, of course, I may have the Sperlschnitte recipe?

Soon it is going to be six years since I moved to Vienna. A stranger, no connections to anyone, and the people of this city have been but friendly and helpful and have made me feel at home here. I really, truly love Vienna, and even more do I love the Viennese who have crossed my path. I am eternally grateful.


(You recognized the mother and daughter yesterday, didn't you? I saw them later at Demel's.)

Daisy said...

I did see the mother/daughter. They are as if from another era. Of course the little girl has a wooden scooter and not an iPod.
How wonderful that Herr Sperl (let's just call him that) will give you the recipe. I wonder, would you please share it with me? I promise to thank them there in person when I'm next in Vienna. Maybe in September.

Thank you. Grüsse aus Los Angeles...

M. said...

I am still waiting for the recipe.

Starting Sunday, I will have a more regular life again (I need all the good vibes I can get over the next 48 hours - finals). I will visit Sperl and ask for the recipe in person.