Friday, May 27, 2011

If we ever left LA ...

... I would miss certain adventures like being on the back of P's motorcycle and riding through Koreatown where we noticed an unassuming hotel with a shopping mall downstairs.  We decided to explore it, to walk off our lunch a bit.  We've had good luck with Koreatown malls before.

But this one was a bust: a golfing goods store, a nail salon, a bed shop (that was interesting), and not much else.  Except outside in the shade behind a tarp, in the corner of the parking lot, we saw a kind of vegetable stand.  P went over to ask questions about the jackfruit and other gigantic oddballs and the man there took a liking to us.  P chose some black heads of garlic to buy.  The man motioned to P's face and said it was a Korean kind of face.  That's funny, I said, since he's from Austria.  Ooooohhhhh, he said.  Then he grabbed a bunch of bananas and added it to our bag.  You can have this, he said.  And see these, organic--very good raspberries.  Take them too.

So we ended up with a bag full of free fruit simply because someone liked my husband's face.  (Besides me, that is.)  And I wonder what kind of adventures we'd find if we lived in another place.


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